Thu. Dec 19th, 2019

Google Pixel 3a Could Be a Game Changer but Only if the Price Is Right

Google Pixel 3a Could Be a Game Changer but Only if the Price Is Right

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The Pixel 3a pair will borrow a lot of design elements from Pixel 3

  • Pixel 3a, Pixel 3a are tipped to launch at Google I/O
  • The camera capabilities are once again expected to take centre stage
  • That could be good enough, if the price is right
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Google created the Pixel line-up to offer the best Android smartphone experience, and so far, the Pixels have delivered at least on that front. But their premium pricing has been a deterrent, and this has become particularly evident after Google’s self-admitted struggles with selling its latest generation phones – the Pixel 3 ₹ 44,999 and Pixel 3 XL. Now, if the multiple leaks and rumours are to be believed, the search giant is looking to circumvent that price barrier with a duo of mid-range phones, which aim to deliver the same great experience as the vanilla Pixels, but with a few trade-offs.

Dubbed the Pixel 3a ₹ 39,500 and Pixel 3a XL ₹ 42,866, Google’s upcoming phones will aim to entice a wider audience with a lower price tag slapped on the Pixel brand. ‘A’ as in ‘affordable’, anyone? But with every ‘Lite’ tag or deviation from the core line-up towards affordability, we have seen companies make some compromises, both acceptable and questionable type.

So, what corners Google is cutting with the Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL? And more importantly, can they be justified in the light of an ‘affordable’ starting price, which is still going to touch the $400 mark as per leaks? Let’s do a quick breakdown and assess whether the Pixel 3a duo can turn out to be the Pixel phones fans have been waiting for?

The Pixel camera experience — because, why not?

The Pixels deliver arguably the best camera experience on a phone, but that certainly doesn’t come cheap. But how many ‘budget flagships’ can you count in the DxOMark top ten list of best camera phones? One, or a maximum two. And let’s be honest. Budget flagships can pack the highest end processor, copious amount of RAM, and a large battery, plus a few other tricks. But what truly separates them from the likes of Samsung Galaxy S10 ₹ 59,990 (Review), Huawei P30 Pro ₹ 71,990 (Review) and the Pixel 3 (Review) is the camera performance