Wed. Feb 20th, 2019

9 Factors to Consider While Calculating Mobile App Development Cost

The mobile market is booming at the speed of light. Every second company has or is planning to have a mobile application to give its brand the right popularity in the market as well as have a slice of the mobile market revenue. If you are going ahead with the idea of building a mobile app with the same idea, it is necessary for you to know the factors to consider while calculating mobile app development cost. Otherwise, you might end up losing all of your savings into this process of launching an application.

Factors Influencing Mobile App Development Cost


  1. Market Research: To ensure that your app idea is feasible and unique, you need to invest in market research, perform competitive analysis and gather enough data to proceed. This process is not only time-consuming but also cost you high, which eventually have an impact on the mobile app development cost.


  1. App Type: Standalone app, Enterprise app, Social media app, or On-demand app – the decision also influences the cost to develop an app. As per the market researches, an On-demand mobile app like UberEats takes like 2000 development hours whereas Social Networking platform like Instagram and WhatsApp can be developed in just 1800-2500 hours.


  1. App Platform: The decision about which platform you need to target also adds to the app development price. If you are developing a native iOS app, it will cost you less than its native Android partner. Besides, the number of funds required to make your app available on both the platforms individually might cost you 2x times than a cross-platform app developed using React Native.


  1. App Analysis and Scoping: From app complexity to third-party API integration, In-app purchase, hardware requirement, and technologies/features to be incorporated, all the elements make a difference in the overall app cost.

As per the top mobile app development agencies, a simple app consumes around 400 hours whereas a complex application needs more than 1600 hours to develop.


  1. App Design: Again, the app design can be of two types – Standard and Customized. If you go standard mobile app design, it will take only 150 hours since you need not consider the UI trends, and other designing key points. On the other side, a customized mobile app design will demand dedication of around 400 hours for delivering impactful content.


  1. App Coding: Another factor that influences the cost to make an app is Coding hours. If you are building an app by reusing the existing codes of different modules like login section, the cost will reduce by 20-30% automatically.


  1. App Testing: Though often overlooked, the testing phase plays a crucial role in the mobile app development process and so, in the cost. As per the experts, the testing costs depends on the number of app screens, a number of testing tools used, and the time consumed into this process of testing the app and making it secure, bug-free, and user-centric.


  1. App Launch: The price for publishing your mobile app depends on the platform you opt. Google takes a one-time fee of $25 while Apple charges $99/year for developing an account and launching your application.


  1. App Maintenance and Update: The cost to maintain a mobile application varies as per the issues generated. However, on an average, the experts take 20% of the total app development cost as the cost for app maintenance. Whereas, the app update cost depends completely on the technologies, the number of app screens, the app complexity and other such features. So, the price of updating an app depends on the cost of these features and the coding hours, of course.

Now as you know the factors that add to your mobile app development cost, prepare yourself accordingly. Gather the adequate amount of funds, resources and hire the right mobile app development company for better outcomes.