Thu. Jun 20th, 2019


While many people may think of it as a holiday, it definitely is much more than that. Going on a honeymoon gives you the opportunity to calm down and be at peace, away from all the busy days and schedules you had during your wedding. It is also a time to reflect and to know each other better. Married life is altogether a new phase and one should always have a blissful start to it.  One way to do this is by going for a cruise. But what you should understand that just like your wedding, your honeymoon equally deserves a lot of careful planning to make it a memorable one. Here are some tips to help you plan the best.

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  1. Include Special Activities

How about doing something adventurous with your loved one. Try to do things differently in order to make your holiday memorable for a lifetime such as swimming with dolphins, shake climbing, or notwithstanding skydiving or paragliding.

  1. Plan Together

Planning your honeymoon together as a couple will be the initial step wherein you begin settling on choices and become acquainted with each other’s preferences. Your idea of a vacation could be something that includes a lot of adventure and activities while your spouse may be looking for something serene and peaceful, Hence it is always better to sit together and plan taking each of your views into consideration.

  1. Include Surprises

How about doing something out of the blue and giving your spouse an experience of the unexpected. Make sure that you include some unforeseen surprises like a couple’s massage or a candle light dinner for just the two of you. Such little things are bound to make your vacation more romantic.

  1. Do not compromise

If you are ready to invest a good amount for your vacation, then you should definitely pick up the best deals, from the place you visit to the room of your stay do not compromise on the things you want. A decent time with your life partner can be demolished if you are staying at an awful accommodation. It is advisable to research well and book your cruise in advance to avoid unnecessary hurdles.

  1. Go someplace colorful.

The location matters as much as your vacation. Look for places which you have always wanted to go. The right place sets the right mood and can give you the best experience.

  1. Know what you need

It is most important to know what exactly you expect from your cruise. You should plan taking the interest of your partner as well as your own.

  1. Plan something romantic

Land in your stateroom to find a sentimental spread: truffles, a container of wine, and even since quite a while ago stemmed roses. You can likewise appreciate a plate of canapés in your room before a formal night and even breakfast in bed the following day.

  1. Pack Smartly

Make a list of everything you’ll require, your garments, sunscreen, cash, everything! If you have to make any purchases try doing them ahead of time or shop online so that you don’t waste a lot of time looking for the things you want. Make sure that you keep things that are in accordance with the climatic conditions of your destination.