Wed. Jun 19th, 2019

How to Choose a Contractor for Windows and Doors – Top 5 Tips

Hiring a right contractor for your window and door projects can be a difficult task. You are giving them the permission to break your house and renovate it. A right contractor will save you from many headaches and give you a service that will last a lifetime. So here are 5 tips to follow when you choose a contractor for windows and doors projects.

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Collect and Check Some References

Conduct your own research and gather some references. Ask your closed ones like friends and relatives. You will have good insights on whom to choose and the ones to avoid. You can also call the contractor directly and ask them to give you references of their previous clients.

A reliable and trustworthy windows and doors contractor will never say to client references. Ask the previous clients some questions about their own experiences. This will help you to take a correct decision.

Check Their Previous Work

This point goes on with the previous one. Ask the contractor to share the photos of their previous work. Also, ask them to share real product photos. This is important because projects like windows and doors should be functional plus have the looks to match.

The real-life project photos should available on their website and social media pages. If he denies, then that’s a clear sign that something is fishy. Avoid them.

Ask for Estimates with Product Specifications

Doors and windows come in different shapes and sizes making them extremely customizable. This also means that no single project will have similar costs to other. When asking for project estimates, ask for proper product specs.

Don’t just depend on estimates based on size, check for the material grade, quality,and certifications. This is especially important for the areas where storms are frequent. Some contractors do not mention any paint, fitting, or motor charges until the payment time. Clear this beforehand.

Always Check the Warranty

It’s difficult to give warranty for a full house renovation project but windows and door are easy. Many windows and doors projects depend on factory produced parts which have a specified warranty period. Ask the contractor to show the official warranty pages.

Some contractors will provide lifetime warranty periods but with a catch. Make sure that you insist on getting the warranty contract clear and explained. It should not have any hidden clauses. It should be legally binding.

Take Your Time to Evaluate Many Options

A home renovation project is always challenging to begin. You will have to make some adjustments to your personal life to get the best possible job. So it is important that you choose a contractor that knows his work and values your time.

Go ahead andevaluate many options. Don’t settle for a contractor with just a preliminary research. Go deep, check out as many references as possible and make sure that you get everything in writing. It will save you from a lot of hassles in the future.

It can be daunting to think about conducting research and checking out each and every contractor in your area. But in the end, it’s worth the effort. You will save time, money and most importantly have a share of peace of mind.