Wed. Jun 19th, 2019

Apple Music for Android Gets Music Video Experience in Line With iOS

Apple Music for Android Gets Music Video Experience in Line With iOSApple Music for Android has been updated with a new music video experience. The new experience debuted just after Apple tweaked the music video experience on iPhone and iPad devices with the release of iOS 11.3 last week. It mainly makes music video playback on Android devices in line with what is already existing on iOS. You can download the latest Apple Music for Android (version 2.4.2) by visiting Google Play.

Among other changes, the updated Apple Music for Android has integrated music videos within the Browse section. This makes it easier for you to browse all the new and popular music videos from the Apple Music. The app also lets you play videos back-to-back with exclusive music video playlists.

Over the past few weeks, Apple Music for Android has received a couple of new updates. Apple last week released a rare bi-monthly update for the Apple Music for Android app that fixed crashes while accessing the library. The app earlier this month also added the ability to play music videos in the background and add music videos to playlists. The iPhone maker also stabilised the overall user experience on Android devices by adding new improvements.

Importantly, Apple Music for Android is taking on YouTube that comes preloaded on Android devices in the form of a dedicated app. The former, however, specifically designed for music content, while the latter includes content other than music videos.

In March, Apple Music reached the benchmark of 38 million paid subscribers – added two million paid subscribers in one month. The app also has eight million subscribers in the free trial period