Wed. Jun 19th, 2019

Transcription services are a rising career field in the work-from-home sector.

Transcription services are a rising career field in the work-from-home sector. As the advancements in digital technology increase, the need for qualified transcriptionists is increasing at a significant rate. Medical and legal transcriptionists typically turn shorthand-style notes from court reporters and medical doctors and documents into readable content. A specialized course, degree or certification is typically needed for becoming a certified medical or legal transcriptionist. Audio transcribers take audio clip from videos, colleges lectures and medical conferences and turn them into typed documents.

To get started as a medical or legal transcriptionist, you will need to take a course and get a certification in either specialty. Court and medical reports use a specific type of shorthand to document word-for-word conversations. A course in legal and medical transcription will help you learn this language and teach you how to turn these dictations into full reports. A two or four-year degree is not necessary, but you will need to complete a course at a local community college or adult education center; many online schools offer transcription courses that are self-guided and can be completed in your spare time. These schools often offer job-search help for graduates upon completion of the course. You do not need to have any special certification to become an audio transcriber, but you do need to have specific equipment, excellent command of the English language and fast typing skills.


Most transcribers have transcription headsets, a laptop or desktop computer with excellent upload and download speeds through their internet provider, a medical dictionary, and speed typing or voice-recognition software installed. In addition, many professional transcribers also invest in a foot pedal; this device lets you control playback with your toes. You can play, rewind, fast forward and stop dictation by tapping different sections of the pedal with different parts of your foot. It can be hard to find this type of equipment out in the retail marketplace. Online shopping, at a site catering to transcribing professionals, can offer a one-stop-shop for all your transcription tools. VoiceWare Servers,, is an example of a company offering everything new transcriptionists need to start their career off on the right foot.


Once you are ready to embark on this new journey, you can search local job boards, virtual assistant websites and work-from-home job sites and forums to find a plethora of available transcription jobs. Many Fortune 500 companies also hire remote transcriptionists.