Wed. Feb 20th, 2019

Free VPN vs. Paid VPN – Which Is a Better Option?

All of us are truly fond of free stuff that we achieve in life and the same thing happens when we ought to choose our hosting provider, VPN service, and IT assistance. You’re bound to achieve quality service only when you pay for it. There’s no exception to the VPN account.

Consider few of the advantages and disadvantages related to paid and free VPN services:

1. Service Protocols

PPTP VPNs are only provided by a majority of Free VPN services. However, there is a lot of security questions associated with such PPTP VPN. You may tunnel your connections more securely when you sign up for OpenVPN, SSH, L2TP, SSTP, and PPTP with the paid VPN providers. So a Paid VPN wins in this area.

2. Speed

Numerous other folks have already used free VPN services till date. The bandwidth is somewhat restricted with a free VPN service provider due to his lack of funds. He needs to bear a certain cost of maintaining a good bandwidth and that’s quite expensive at times. A VPN service provider needs to spend a considerable amount towards establishing thousands of connections for extending their support through servers. Paid VPN stands a sheer winner as such providers invest a considerable portion of their returns towards servers and for acquiring bandwidth. Low bandwidth is among the primary concerns that you have while opting for free VPN services.

3. VPN Accessibility

Availability is truly a point of consideration provided you need a smooth connectivity that won’t log you out unexpectedly. The free VPN service provider easily gets cornered by several VPN nodes in combination with the bandwidth problem. Over here, Paid VPN is certainly a clear winner.

4. Support

The provider needs to bear an additional cost of extending support. It’s quite similar to the bandwidth issue. You won’t have a nice time when you want your connectivity problem to be resolved by someone for free. You must pay for quality service, so you must distinguish between the capacity of paid and free software. A person who’s associated with a paid service actually invests more time in determining the right solutions to your tickets. Professionals working for a free service perform an average task, so Paid VPN is again the winner in this area.

5. Location of Nodes and Servers

When it comes to engaging more servers, it’s actually about spending more money. Only by gaining a small amount of money out of an online advertising, no VPN service can actually get you connected to 100 servers in more than 50 nations. It won’t make up for their bandwidth fees and meet their server maintenance charges. The paid VPN service can afford to provide you with numerous VPN server locations at a time. So, the Paid VPN is again the winner at this level.

6. Anonymity

You won’t need to sign up with a free VPN service provider for availing their services. Even when you need to sign up for such services, you may enter fake details. In a sharp contrast, the paid VPN services mandate entering the right details that are considered while processing payment e.g. credit card or PayPal.

Free VPN is usually a winner when it comes to anonymity, except with those paid services that take fair measures in hiding your true identity. With a free VPN service, you won’t need to provide all information pertaining to your identity. However, you must remember that your VPN service provider can easily monitor your traffic and access your IP address. By not sharing your contact details, you’re considered “anonymous”, but the IP address remains disclosed and easily accessible to the paid VPN service provider regardless of whether you sign up with a paid service or not.

The common man remains exposed to threats posed by security issues and this raises his concerns about free services. Your idea of all security stuff and personal information getting hacked by outsiders persists. But you must remember that the industry experts are always in favor of the paid VN services while keeping the broader picture in mind.