Wed. Jul 1st, 2020

5 Things You Should Avoid Doing

There is always someone at the back door which has already tasted what I’m about to list down below. Personally, it happened to me as well so thought it would be helpful if I share my experience along with you guys to the readers. There few specific things we usually do in our daily life and we should avoid them so that we don’t get burned and we go broke.

Nothing is more painful when you lose three months of savings from your bank account; If you don’t want to get burned then you should follow the steps,

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5 Things You Should Avoid Doing

Avoid Buying Used Products Online

One of the common practices we are witnessing nowadays is that there are many used goods are available online, and we don’t to put a hole in the wallet to purchase a new one, so we approach the used goods to save few bucks.

Classified websites have become one of the major targets for people who want to make quick money for their enjoyments, so you better take measures and avoid buying used goods from online. has become a target, and you might buy a defected product from and end up duped again and again.

Never Lend Money to Close Friends

If we look at the records, things have never been smooth when it comes to money between family and relatives. Friendship often gets ruined because of the money, when you are lending money to your friend you make sure to remember never expect anything return from the friend or else you might end up losing a friend.

People nowadays behave like they are playing the good guy and you will end up being the bad despite the fact that you are the one whose money is stuck.

Never Lend Money to Someone Who Owes You

If you are a hard worker and you helped a friend in need when in his most unpleasant time, then it is fine. Never lend money to someone who has not paid the previous balance back and asking for a new loan from you, he/she may not be able to pay you back because there is no handwritten or signature bond deal has done in between you.

When the person who owes you money doesn’t respond and does not meet you anymore, you have to put a smile on your face and give the person more time to repay because a disagreement cannot get your money back.

Never Let Any One Use Your Car

Lending your vehicle can be disastrous, wondering why? Did you know the consequences of the letting someone else drive in your car and involved in traffic violations, accident and worst case scenario you will get detained by the Law and put behind bars? As the owner of the vehicle, you will be subjected for someone else mistakes. Ask you, buddy, to let you drive, take an OLA cabs or Uber or a BIG NO would do the trick for you.

Always think twice before you do things and turn up for pieces of advice for positive deals.