Mon. Jun 29th, 2020

Raising Awareness of Great Opportunities for Your IT technicians in the Financial Sector

A recent article posted in the Computer Weekly discussed a comment made by a leading London IT Telecoms in Surrey. According to this company, many young people are missing out on exciting careers and opportunities due to misconceptions or lack of awareness.

Investment 2020 is a firm that provides recourse for young people attempting to obtain apprenticeships and career opportunities has identified the most prominent obstacles that keep intelligent young minds from reaching the Financial Sector.

These include:

  • The idea that the IT sector is one better suited to the Male workforce. This was made evident in a recent O2 study that demonstrated how a large percentage of youngsters aged 11 to 18 (47%) considered the IT industry a better idea for men.
  • The idea that they are not personally suited to this type of work or that formal qualifications and excellence in technical skills are more important than the capacity to overcome problems with creativity and innovation.
  • The perception that an apprenticeship is less desirable than a university degree or that it will not present sufficient opportunities to the individual.
  • A preconceived notion that there are already too many jobs in the IT or Financial industry and that an apprenticeship would not be worth the furious competition.
  • Negative ideas or misconceptions about the financial system in general.
  • Ideas that this is only a sector for “rich” or “white” people
  • Not being fully aware of the many exciting opportunities awaiting in the Financial Industry.

What is Required:

A Professional Attitude and Confidence

IT recruitment specialists, investment companies and career counselors are continuously trying to remove these obstacles and create more awareness of the opportunities that await young minds in the financial sector. The most important thing they can do is emphasize the need for enthusiasm, creativity, superb communications skills as well as a professional attitude. This is a far cry from the purely technical abilities that were favored not 5 years ago

In Synch with the Speed of Finance

It is not just the need to understand the technical side of business but to understand that technology is moving very fast. This means that the technical skills of a young apprentice will be as necessary as their ability to keep up with trends and innovations that propel the financial sector forward.

The Supported Apprenticeships Alternative

Many career commentators and industrial leaders say that supported apprenticeships are a perfect alternative to a university education. They allow young people who are trying to figure out what in the world they want to do, a chance to prepare for a lifetime of professionalism by introducing them to the industry in which they hope to excel. This allows them to develop the skills for success from the time they are very young

What does this mean to you?

When taking on a IT technician it is important that they fully comprehend IT skills. But remember that their technical input is only part of their whole contribution. They will be in possession of other skills that will add value to your organization.

Keeping your options for diversity open and offering these structured training programs is one way we can take advantage of this valuable source of talent. Furthermore, with proper training and nurturing this talent can be a major benefit to the Financial sector in the future.