Sat. Mar 23rd, 2019

Top 5 Travel Tip Vlogs on YouTube

A lot of the more popular travel vlogs are a lot of fun to watch, with their intimate, handheld footage of gorgeous vistas around the world and encounters with fascinating locals. If you’re actually looking to do some traveling yourself, however, these vlogs can be a little light on helpful content. We’ve gone ahead and found some of the better travel vlogs out there for, you know, traveling. All of these channels offer those beautiful shots of faraway lands that make travel vlogs so addictive, but with some practical, useful advice on the subject of travel, as well:


Hopscotch the Globe

Hopscotch the Globe is run by Kristin Sarah and her husband, Siya, as they show off DIY recipes you can do on the road, and how to navigate international cultures. Hopscotch manages to bring this all together with a sense of humor and a visual flair, even using a camera-drone to grab some sweet aerial shots. Funny and informative, this is one of the best vlogs in any category.

The Food Ranger

Navigating food across the ocean can be intimidating. Trevor of The Food Ranger shows you where to get some of the best food in China, and some foods to avoid. Even if you’re not heading to China anytime soon, Trevor shares plenty of tips that you can apply to navigating everything from fine dining to grocery stores and street food all over the world. Trevor is actually a bit of a travel vlog outlaw, as YouTube is banned in China, but Trevor manages to get his awesome content to us all the same.

Psycho Traveller

A lot of travel vlogs are run by people with deep, deep pockets. If you have a trust fund or a great job, then it’s pretty easy to get around the world comfortably. What if you’re just a humble backpacker, though? Ally of Psychotraveller shows how to travel on a budget, visiting hostels, eating on the cheap and saving money on the go. Funny, charming and informative, Ally deserves a click on the ol’ subscribe button if you want to know how non-millionaires manage to travel the world.


Traveling is safer with a friend, but what if that’s not an option? Christine Kaaloa at Grrl Traveler shows you how to get around safely going solo. Many travel vlogs lean towards the optimistic, “inspirational” end of the spectrum, which is great, but doesn’t really equip you to deal with some of the dangers of travel. Kaaloa never hesitates to warn her viewers of taxi scams, health risks and other problems you’ll encounter when exploring new countries.

Sonya’s Travels

Sonya’s content leans towards “lifehack” stuff, but actually useful lifehacks. She doesn’t try to fill up a wordcount by telling you that you can use a banana peel as a dishrag or anything, she just shows you practical, useful tips on getting better ticket prices and how to Tetris your luggage so that you can pack way more than you thought into a tiny carry-on bag. Her vids are short and to the point, bite-sized tips to get you going.

Of course, if you want beautiful shots of Sichuan streets and Italian beaches, the vloggers listed above offer plenty of that, too, but their focus is on sharing their knowledge with fellow travelers to ensure that you have a safe and rewarding trip no matter where you’re headed. Check these channels out, and see if any of them are up your alley.