Sat. Sep 26th, 2020

The Dependable Strategies of Scoring Above Average Marks in JEE

JEE is considered to be one of the toughest entrance exams for Engineering. Over 100,000 lakh students enroll for the exam every year but, very few are able to score above average or average marks in the exam.

Here’s why:

  • Negative Marking System
  • The High Level Of Difficulty
  • The Lack Of proper Preparation Of the Students

Among these, many students due to the fear of the exam, spend a lot of their time in commercial tutorials that don’t permit enough time for self-study.

Also, along with the lack of hard word, there’s no smart work done either. The answer once marked on your JEE answer Sheet cannot be changed under any circumstance unless you’re giving the exam online.

The Most Dependable Strategies For Scoring Above Average marks in JEE are:

  1. Study From The Beginning and Clear Your Concepts Entirely

Make sure you clear your concepts from the very beginning and then go on to attempt JEE questions and prepare yourself for JEE Main Examinations. Your NCERT text books are more than enough for this or you can refer to the net if you need help. Stress on getting them cleared at the very beginning so that you don’t regret later.

  1. Make a Time-Table

Make a feasible time table that suits your study patterns and also covers enough syllabus for the day. 2 years seems like a short period of time but, if used properly you could soar into new heights. Do not tire or over-exert yourself in commercial tutorials that drain your energy and are not productive. If you don’t find it useful at first, make sure you discontinue it.

  1. Limit Yourself From Unnecessary Distractions

Teenage years call for fun and excitement. Limit these if you truly want to score well in JEE. Use the time to do one JEE based chapter and feel satisfied with yourself instead. The other things can be balanced out if you make up for your studies as well.

  1. Balance Your Study Syllabus

Many students end up concentrating only on topics that appeal to them. Spend some time in finding out why you don’t get a part of the topic and master it. Once you put your all to it, you’ll surely get the concept. Exhaust your sources and get all your doubts cleared.

  1. Use Smart Strategies

JEE has negative marking. Hence, only if you’re sure of the answer, then mark it. Also, they cannot be changed after marking so choose wisely. Multiple choice answers can be tricky so stick to the root of your basics and don’t let them dwindle. Mark the answers on your ORS when an hour or so is left so as to have marked confirmed answers.

Solving the long numeric questions would get you out of time and may lose out on answers you may know. Answer the theory ones first as they won’t consume much time and those marks will be in your hand. A difference of one wrong/right answer can result in a big difference in your ranking.

  1. Don’t stress too much or too little

JEE may be one of the most important ticket for you to get into engineering, but it’s only a phase. Don’t stress about it a lot; rather use that time to clear out your concepts and work out easier methods to solve numerical problems in a faster way. Take the exam seriously enough for  you to make use of all the free time you have in doing so and take periodic breaks in order for your brain to adapt to your studies.