Virtual reality is here, but it’s nowhere near as ubiquitous as your mobile phone. Wait a minute, what if it was just like that? Luckily for you, Google had the same dream of giving everyone the taste of VR. Its Cardboard headset is the best, cheapest option for those who want a slice of virtual paradise. And we offer you the best of Cardboard’s mobile VR experiences.


Glitcher VR is simple – it overlays a filter on whatever you see. So if you want VHS scanlines or Predator vision, this is the app to go to. It works even if you don’t have Cardboard – you can select non-VR view by pressing the volume down button. It’s also possible to take pictures and shoot videos with it. Creepy videos, where VHS is concerned.
With horror movies and books and videogames being so popular – why else would people keep playing Penubra and later games – it was just a matter of time before VR became haunted. Sisters is the Cardboard VR horror experience, and we leave the details to you. The good thing is that Cardboard isn’t that hard to repair once you rip it off your head in terror.


Back to more mundane horrors: roller coasters! If you want to hurl through the skies (and then just hurl in general), there are few apps that can match it. It’s a roller coaster ride through an abandoned tropical island. The developers have also released a similar app, but you ride through a space city. Beware of freemium and limited trial period, though!


This year marks the centennial of the battle of Somme and this app is meant to commemorate it. It’s a visual illustration of the battle that’s married to a reading of Siegfried Sassoon’s controversial poem “The Kiss”. Witness the horrors of war in multiple angles and relive the horrors of 1916. Lest we forget.


It’s an educational romp through space. Learn fun facts about our solar system. Each planet and planetary body is accompanied by size data as well as interesting tidbits. This free tour is accompanied by music and if you want, you can purchase additional narration.
Feeling inspired by the awesome displays of affordable VR? You too might be able to make the next impressive Cardboard VR app! The tools for creation are usually free, and the hardware is somewhat limited, so you can use low poly models (even stock from CGTrader, they even have free ones) with no fear. Just don’t make the viewers vomit. Or do, if you’re creating an authentic roller coaster experience.