It might be hard to imagine now, but only a few years ago you’d be happy if your phone just made a call and sent a text, and possibly let you play a game of Snake as an added feature. Now smartphones are much more like a small computer that you can fit in your pocket. The capabilities of these handsets are expanding almost every day so it can be difficult to keep up with all the latest improvements to your phone. So here are a few of the features we think you should know about to get the most out of your mobile phone.

One of the ways your mobile phone is constantly updating is through the app store. Whatever system your phone is running on, whether it’s Apple, Android or Google, hundreds of new apps are added to the stores every day. Many of the websites we use everyday have now released their own apps to make shopping, booking or betting online even easier. Big stores like Amazon have released apps that are optimised to your phone and even have added features such as being able to scan a barcode to search for a product in the online store. If you like to visit the bookmakers but struggle to find time in your day to go there, then you can try betting online from your mobile. Sites like Betway allow you to do your betting online from the comfort of your chair. It also makes betting much easier for novice players to try betting online as you can see the latest odds and calculate exactly how much return you’ll get from your bet. When you do win you won’t even have to visit the bookmakers to pick up your money as it is cashed back into your account as soon as result is announced.

But apps aren’t just trying to make your life easier, they’re also coming up with new and exciting ways to keep you entertained. A few years ago, if you were stuck on a bus or a train you’d only have a boring, repetitive puzzle game with poor graphics and frustrating controls to keep you entertained. Now gaming sites like Draw Something let you play an exciting guessing game against your own friends. The app shows a picture your friend has drawn build up with every brush stroke and you have to guess exactly what they are drawing as quickly as you can.

Some companies can now even help save you time on repetitive tasks that you do regularly. Restaurants like Dominoes have created an app that enables you to order your favourite meal with just one touch of a button. Pizza lovers can get a physical button that syncs to their phone or just touch the icon on the screen and the app will instantly order and pay for your meal.

So whether you want to try online betting or even ordering a pizza with just one touch of a button, make sure you regularly check your app store to check what new and exciting things are on offer.