5 Tools Every Android Developer Must Know About

One of the most widely used operating systems for Smartphones, Android is one of the earliest direct manipulation user interfaces. Android users can install various apps on their devices, which allow a variety of various functions from business to shopping. Although using these apps is quite an easy task, developing them is extremely difficult, especially when you want to avoid any functional glitches. There is a wide variety of tools that help android developers do their work with ease. Nevertheless, there are also some great add-ons that one might find handy to develop a great app. For those who can’t decide what to choose,let us take a look at some of the best tools that android developers must know of.

  1. Analytix

Data analysis is one of the best ways to know what the consumers actually want and are vying for. Integrated with the highly popular and acclaimed Google Analytics, the Analytix app allows you to gather the data and trends to plan your apps accordingly. There is no use wasting time in developing an app that consumers won’t find useful. Analyzing the various charts and consumer trends helps you to know their needs and requirements. The interface is simple with extremely neat visualizations that are updated on an hourly basis.

  1. Hackers Keyboard

Working on a phone can be totally different from a computer or a laptop. The Hackers Keyboard provides a layout similar to a computer keyboard and is perfect for those who want to do some detailed programming on phone. It also has several keys such as Tab, Ctrl and Esc keys along with separate keys for numbers and punctuation marks in the proper place. While one can find a large number of virtual keyboards for Smartphone devices, not many of them are suited for programming. Hackers Keyboard was specially designed to suit programmers who like more mobility.

  1. Webmaster HTML Editor

Turn your Smartphone into a mobile HTML editor by installing this innovative app. Like all good HTML editors, the Webmaster editor allows you to make edits in the source code. It is also bundled with a variety of other editors such as PHP, CSS, text and JavaScript. It also allows multiple text encodings with support for several languages, syntax highlighting, preview features, code-completion along with virtual keys. A must have for the programmers on the go. You can also check the best android development books for a more in-depth knowledge of HTML coding and editing.

  1. WordPress

With millions of users worldwide, WordPress is one of the best services for web development and content management. More than 60 million websites on the internet today are designed through the WordPress template making it an extremely popular blogging tool. For the android users, WordPress has also launched a specialized app that can be used to create tons of custom contentright from your Smartphone. Coupled with the HTML editor, WordPress for Android makes an extremely useful bundle for an android developer.

  1. Fontest

When developing an app, developers often over look how the content would appear on an android device, resulting in glitches and unusual fonts. The best way to know how the content would look on a Smartphone is by installing Fontest. Along with a highly user-friendly interface, Fontest also includes 6 free to use high quality fonts. It also supports TTF and OTF fonts and allows smooth resizing and easy switch between lowercase and uppercase.

Android developers often need to keep ahead of their competition while coming up with an app that is liked and used by millions of users worldwide. While most of the things you need for app development are included with theSDK tools and Android Studio, the abovementioned apps add more flexibility to your work. Make sure you do more research on the best app development tools for android before you start.