After spending so much money and effort choosing all the right features for your iPhone 6, protection should become your greatest concern. The screen is susceptible to scratches, shattering and water damage, with the case just as vulnerable. It’s time to invest in the best accessories to protect the quality and resale value of your beautiful new phone.

There are different levels of protection available for all iPhone users, whether you work outdoors and need thorough dirt and water protection, or if you simply want to protect your screen from surface scratches. We made a list with the best protection available for the iPhone 6, developed for a range of protection needs.


With a sleek, thin, minimalist design made to emulate the ever-nostalgic jewel cases from the 90s, Ballistic has created an affordable and durable case. With its low price you can afford to get multiple versions in any one of the 5 seemingly candy-inspired colors.

The reinforced corners of the Jewel seem to do the trick protecting your phone from every-day tumbles, and fans enjoy the thoughtful and comfortable grip style on this particular case.

  • E.C.L USA

Looking for something a little more substantial? Look no further than the E.C.L USA, or as they’re attempting to be, the last phone case you’ll ever need. Featuring three-layer protection in an incredibly slim design, the USA offers shock-absorbent, shatter-proof and anti-scratch construction all in one accessory. The added kick stand feature really puts this case over the edge for functionality and durability.

If you’re in the market for a heavy duty phone case, you may already have a shattered screen or broken iPhone. Visit to get quick, professional service on your damaged phone.


Privacy screen protectors are a must for anyone who’s sick of peeping Toms trying to sneak a peek while they browse their phone in public. Privacy protectors are usually paper-thin and easy to install, but the best among them is Otterbox’s Alpha Glass Privacy Screen Protector. This helpful and affordable accessory not only blocks people from spying on you but also offers excellent screen protection. You won’t worry about scratches, dents, or dings with this accessory, and it’s easy to remove when you no longer need it. Of course, the crystal clear display means you may never want to.


LifeProof is a notoriously quirky brand but their equipment and accessories are no joke. While all their cases are acceptable for people who need serious environmental protection from dirt, snow and water, the FRĒ is our all around favorite.

Despite its world-class protection, FRĒ offers you all the functionality you need from buttons and ports while making it safe to take your phone on a spelunking trip. Even more, it comes in a charming array of 9 colors, all around $75.


Spigen has made quite a quintisential little accessory in the Volt Pack Battery Case. Boasting an extra 150% batter life with excellent protection and ulta-slim design, you almost don’t believe it begins at under $50.

Other battery packs are heavy, bulky or make you feel like you’re giving up protection for power. Now you don’t have to baby your phone when using a battery-pack; with Spigen Volt Pack Battery Case your bulked-up battery and your phone are safe.

Protecting your phone is no laughing matter- it can be very expensive to repair or replace, and sometimes you can never recover lost information. Treat your iPhone 6 well by getting the best accessories for your needed level of protection. Many people have different forms of protection depending on what they’re doing, so don’t limit yourself to just one case or screen protector.