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How to Choose a Contractor for Windows and Doors – Top 5 Tips

Hiring a right contractor for your window and door projects can be a difficult task. You are giving them the permission to break your house and renovate it. A [...]

Elon Musk Says AI May Become an Immortal Dictator if Not Regulated

If not regulated or controlled soon, artificial intelligence (AI) could become an "immortal dictator" and there will be no escape for humans, Tesla and SpaceX [...]

PUBG Corp Sues Knives Out and Rules of Survival Creator NetEase

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) has seen a host of imitators on Android and iOS such as Knives Out and Rules of [...]

Trump Taking ‘Serious Look’ at Policy Options on Amazon

US President Donald Trump said on Thursday he would take a serious look at policies to address what he says are the unfair business advantages of [...]

Facebook Reveals User Data of Over 5 Lakh Indians Was Shared With Cambridge Analytica

In a press conference late on Wednesday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said Facebook has a big responsibility when it comes to tackle fake news on its [...]

Steam Machines Aren’t Exactly Flying Off the Shelves’: Valve

Days after it was revealed that Valve quietly removed the Steam Machines section on popular digital distribution platform [...]

YouTube Shooter a Vegan Activist Who ‘Hated’ the Company

A woman who believed she was being suppressed by YouTube and told her family members she "hated" the company opened fire at YouTube's headquarters in [...]

God of War PS4 Download Size Revealed

PS4-exclusive God of War has an April 20 release date. In the lead up to this Sony has passed on review codes to select press outlets. This has resulted in God [...]

Spider-Man Exclusive to the PS4, ‘Never’ Coming to the Xbox One: Insomniac

Spider-Man PS4 developer Insomniac has confirmed that the game will not be making it to Microsoft’s console. It tweeted a simple “never” in reply to a [...]

How To Recover The Lost Data ?

You have to recover any loss that occurs in your daily life and this has been a trend these days. There is a reason why recovery is done so that the situation [...]