New Unveiled Fossil Smartwatches Unveiled Compatible With Both iOS And Android Smartphones

Fossil Smartwatches

Fossil has this week unveiled two new additions to its range of Android Wear smartwatches with the unveiling of the Fossil Q Wander And Q Marshal which offer users a slimmer design and build on the technology from the Q Founder.

The Q Marshall pictured on the right in the image above is equipped with a 46 mm case while the Q Wander has a smaller 42 mm face and wire style lugs and both are equipped with touchscreen displays and are powered by Google’s Android Wear operating system.

As with Fossil’s previous smartwatch the two new designs provide easy access to important information such as incoming calls, alerts and more and will even display Google Now cards. Fossil explains a little more about the design of the two Android Where smartwatches

Q Wander features a soft curving, multi-finish case with artfully sculpted wire lugs, making it both beautiful and functional. The interchangeable genuine leather strap provides the style and comfort customers have come to expect from a watch. Q Marshal and Q Wander are compatible with Android smartphones and iPhones. Both touchscreen display smartwatches will be available later this year.

Q Marshal features a rugged case along with design updates like a striking navy blue plated case paired with vintage-inspired leather straps. And with no exposed pins or connectors, charging both smartwatches on the new slim wireless charger is a breeze.

Unfortunately no information on pricing or worldwide availability has been released as yet by Fossil, but as soon as information comes to light we will keep you updated as always. For more information in the mean time on the new Android Wear Smart watches which have been added to the Fossil range jump over to the Fossil press release website for details via the link below.

Nixon Mission Android Wear Smartwatch Is Waterproof Up To 100 Meters

Nixon Mission

Nixon has announced the launch of their first Android Wear smartwatch, the Nixon Mission and the device sounds interesting when compared to other Android Wear devices, as it is waterproof up to 100 meters.

The Nixon Mission comes with a circular display that is covered in Gorilla Glass and it is powered by the new Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor.

The watch comes with a stainless steel bezel and also a polycarbonate and steel casing, plus a silicone watch band.

Nixon Mission

As yet there are no details on pricing, the device will be unveiled at Baselworld 2016 and it will go on sale some time this fall, as soon as we get some more details, we will let you guys know.

Tenthium Brings The Periodic Table To Life

Tenthium Brings The Periodic Table To Life

The 10th Floor has created a unique and stylish way to bring to life the periodic table with a new range of elements called Tenthium, that provide tubes made from 99 percent pure elements which have been then shaped into 1 inch cubes and elegantly engraved with the elements symbol.

Primarily, the Tenthium project will be made up of 9 elements Titanium, Tungsten, Aluminum, Iron, Nickel, Copper, Zirconium, Molybdenum and Niobium. its creators explain more about the inspiration behind Tenthium.

Sparked into existence within the heart of dying stars, elements have been recognized as the primary constituents of matter. For millions of years, these building blocks have been discovered one after the other – answering the ambiguous questions of the nature of the perplexing world around us. Whether found solitary in pure forms, or working together as alloys and compounds, these chemical elements continue to shape the astonishing and lively beauty of our universe.

Of the 118 pure elements, each one majestically distinguishes itself with it’s individualistic properties, evocative colors, and acclaimed textures. Bringing forth these qualities into physical interaction, Tenthium is a project that allows for the periodic table to burst three dimensionally into an 1” cube – expressing each element in a simple yet pure manner that appreciates the exquisiteness of its chemical composition.

Apple Watch Kardia Band Could Detect Strokes

Kardia Band

AliveCor is launch a new strap for the Apple Watch which could potential detect a stroke, the strap is called the Kardia Band and it works in conjunction with an Apple Watch App.

The Apple Watch Kardia Band is capable of taking an ECG reading by pressing a sensor on the strap, it then sends the data to the Apple Watch app.

The strap is apparently capable of detecting Atrial Fibrillation and can then alert your of a possible imminent stroke.

The strap also works with the Apple Health application as well as the company’s own Apple Watch app, as yet there are no details on how much the strap will cost or when it will be available.

Deezer App Launches On The Apple Watch


Deezer has announced the launch of their music app on the Apple Watch, and the Watch version of the app comes with a range of features designed for the device.

The Deezer App for the Apple Watch will work with iPhone’s running iOS 8.2 and above, you can see some of the features of the app below.


  • Flow  – Your own personal DJ that knows exactly what you want to hear, utilising the best of man and machine to play all your favourite hits.
  • Player – Take control and “love” your favourite track or skip to play what you want every time.
  • Mixes – Let your mood dictate what you want to hear with mixes for every occasion.
  • Charts – Always stay ahead of what’s trending with Top Tracks, Top Albums, Top Playlists, and Top Artists.
  • My Music – Sync your watch with your iPhone and hear your entire saved music library including favourite tracks, albums, playlists, artists and podcasts.
  • Force Touch – Press firmly on the display to see your queue list, hit repeat, and play in shuffle mode.

LG Stylus 2 To Support Dab+

LG Stylus 2

The LG Stylus 2 was made official at Mobile World Congress last month and now LG has announced that the handset will support Dab+.

The LG Stylus 2 with Dab+ will be available in Australia, Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway and the UK.

Users will be able to access more radio channels with DAB+ than traditional FM. Unlike regular radio apps that stream large amounts of data, DAB+ radio provides excellent audio quality for free, as it uses no data.

DAB+ is expected to replace FM analog radio and already reaches over 500 million people in 40 countries around the world. LG collaborated with the International DMB Advancement Group (IDAG) to include DAB+ technology in the new LG Stylus 2.

“We are taking a proactive approach towards the fast-paced technological shift to digital broadcasting with DAB+ to deliver a new paradigm of experiences through the smartphone,” said Juno Cho, president and CEO of LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company. “With its large 5.7-inch screen, 1 watt speaker and 3,000mAh removable battery, the LG Stylus 2 is the perfect device to enjoy rich, multimedia content.”

Deluxe CMOY Headphone Amplifier Unveiled By Lucid Labs

Deluxe CMOY Headphone Amplifier

Anyone looking for a portable headphone amplifier to be able to get the most out of their hi-fi headphones, may be interested in a new pocket 9v Deluxe CMOY Headphone amplifier which has been created by Lucid Labs.

Lucid Labs has previously created a number of audio systems including the Lucid Labs Raspberry Pi DAC, Cipher USB-DMX Lighting Interfaces and Cipher Lite USB to DMX interface all of which have launched via the Kickstarter crowdfunding website.

Deluxe CMOY

Now the team has taken to Kickstarter once again and has already raised the funds it requires to take the Deluxe CMOY Headphone amplifier into small production. Th amp includes a switchable bass boost, Single or Dual TLE2426 Railsplitter options and is available in either standard CMOY 11x Gain or 4x Gain with NJM4556 op amp. Lucid Labs explains more :

Deluxe CMOY Headphone Amplifier-2

We have been making CMOY headphones for several years now. We started producing the standard CMOY design but later saw the need to upgrade to a TLE2426 rail splitter virtual ground power supply. This upgrade creates a much more stable power supply than simple resistor divider designs. After selling thousands of our standard Lucid Labs CMOY headphone amplifiers, we decided to make a deluxe version including features commonly requested by our customers.

Using two rail splitter chips in parallel greatly increases the current that the power supply can provide which can be an issue when using lower impedance headphones. We are also offering a lower gain option (4X) for those with lower impedance headphones. Combining the low gain option with a dual rail splitter power supply makes a CMOY much better suited to work with low impedance headphones.

Specifications of the pocket amplifier include :

– ALPS RK0971221Z05 Potentiometer with built in on/off switch. These high-quality, Japanese made potentiometers feature smooth, noise free operation.
– Single or dual TLE2426 Rail Splitter chip for stable power supply. Lucid Labs CMOY amps are stable for headphones from 30-300ohms.
– High quality Panasonic Film Capacitors
– 8 Pin DIP socket, makes swapping op amps easy for users that want to try out other dual op amps.
– High quality custom made PCBs
– Available in 8 different tin varieties
– Made in the USA, every single amp is tested
– switchable bass boost
– single or dual TLE2426 Rail Splitter power supply
THD as low as 0.00342% when paired with 300 ohm headphones

For more information on the new CMOY Headphone amplifier jump over to the Kickstarter website for details and to make a pledge from just $40.

Latest Steam Beta Client Update Adds New Steam Controller Functions And Features

Steam Controller

Valve has this week released a new update to its Steam Client Beta which brings with it a number of new tweaks, enhancements and features to its Steam Controller.

One of the more useful features which has been added by Valve in the latest Steam Controller update is the ability for gamers to have multiple control sets for the controller, which can be configured to change automatically in game.

As well as a handy on-screen keyboard and the ability to take screenshots. Valve explain more about all the new tweaks and features in the latest Steam Client Beta ov on the official Steam website.

Steam Controller :

– Added user definable action sets for legacy games.
– Users can now add additional action sets with their own sets of bindings. Action sets can be added/deleted/named as appropriate and selected via a binding. Note that unlike mode-shifts, action sets completely replace all currently active bindings, and can have their own mode shifts and so forth.
– Added New Controller Action binding types which will expand in the future with bindings that are not specific to the game, but rather higher level, as noted below.
– Added Change Action Set Binding – sets the action set to the next or a specified action set when used.
– Added Show Keyboard Binding – shows the on-screen keyboard
– Added Take Screenshot Binding – takes a screenshot
– Removed hard coded desktop keyboard shortcut (stick click) and replaced it with controller action binding in the default desktop configuration.
– Fixed some cases of non-steam games not applying controller settings. Ensure that “Allow Launchers” option is off for this to take effect.
– Fixed controllers not turning off on Suspend power mode in Desktop mode which could cause zombie controllers to be seen over wireless
– Fixed Horizontal Invert setting not working on Mouse Joystick

New Philips Hue Bulbs Are Designed To Help You Sleep

Philips Hue Bulbs

Philips has announced the launch of some new Philips Hue Bulbs with white ambiance that are designed to help you sleep and also wake you up naturally.

The new Philips Hue bulbs have every shade of white light and they can dim gently to help you drift off to sleep and also brighten up naturally in the morning to wake you up.

“Light impacts us both physically and emotionally, we experience this every day when waking up and going to sleep,” says Chris Worp, Leader of Philips home lighting business. “With Philips Hue white ambiance, we want to give people control of the impact that white light has on their wellbeing at home, particularly around day to day routines. By having every shade of white light at your fingertips, you can choose the perfect light you need to feel better, whether you want an energizing light for exercising or a dimmed nightlight for winding down to sleep.”

Philips Hue white ambiance was designed with your daily routines in mind, and truly comes to life with the new ‘Routines’ feature which will be in the upcoming Philips Hue app. Imitating the rise of the sun, ‘Wake up’ routine gently increases in brightness to naturally wake you up in the morning on time. Replicating the sun setting, ‘Go to sleep’ routine gradually dims until it is off, preparing your body for falling asleep. For those with young children who have to get up in the middle of the night, ‘Nightlight’ is a new light recipe which delivers a low level of light whilst also minimizing exposure to blue light, lessening the disturbance to your sleep cycle. The proven light recipes in the Philips Hue app are designed to help you throughout the day when concentrating on work, reading, relaxing, to get energized or unwind at night.

You can find out more details about these new Hue Bulbs from Philips at the link below, they will launch later in the year in Europe and the US.