Month: November 2016

Winstrol – Deca Stack: A Brief On This Duo.

There are many stacks, though, that are known to work congenially and give good results with minimum side-effects in row. One such stack known is the Winstrol [...]

Social Media Analytics, Meet Big Brother

The American Civil Liberties Union recently uncovered evidence that led Twitter, Facebook and its Instagram subsidiary to stop sharing data with Geofeedia, a [...]

Gadget Ogling: Magnificent Mics, Intriguing E-Ink, and Compact Computers

Welcome to Gadget Dreams and Nightmares, the column that's emerging from the shadows of this mind-crushingly terrible election season to pore over the latest [...]

Tech on TV: A Little Realism Goes a Long Way

Watching TV shows often requires the suspension of disbelief -- that is, a willingness to press pause on one's critical faculties in order to believe the [...]

Microsoft's New Tech Targets Human Creativity

Microsoft made a slew of announcements at its New York City event Wednesday, focusing on the idea of user as creator. Among its new offerings: The Surface [...]

Spa Treatments- From General Maintenance to Specialist Therapies

The oldest form of physical medication known to mankind, a traditional massage is often highly beneficial to your body and overall well-being.  Each massage [...]

Google Warning Journalists, Professors About State-Sponsored Attacks on Their Accounts

Certain public figures including notable journalists and professors from the US have reportedly started receiving security warnings by Google that says that [...]

Swedish Developers Make it Easy to Delete Your Existence on The Internet

To many of us reading this, our life on the Internet is as important as our life outside it. The Internet retains your connections to other people, [...]

Web designing trends to follow up in 2017

Web design has taken a big leap after further advancements in web technologies which has improved efficiency, robustness and performance of websites. This year [...]

Google Acquires Cloud Training Firm Qwiklabs, Invests More in AI Research

Google is on a spree to strengthen its cloud offerings after it combined its cloud and corporate software divisions under a single entity. This time around, [...]