LG V20 Flagship Will Be Coming Soon to India, Confirms Kim Ki-Wan

LG V20 Flagship Will Be Coming Soon to India, Confirms Kim Ki-Wan

  • LG V20 will be launched on September 6
  • LG India MD confirmed V20 will come to India soon
  • LG V20 expected to sport dual displays and dual camera setup

After much speculation, LG confirmed in early August that the company’s first Android Nougat-powered smartphone V20 will be launched on September 6. Google since then has also confirmed that the V20 will be the first new smartphone to ship with Android 7.0 Nougat out-of-the-box.

Now, the company has confirmed its plans to bring the LG V20 smartphone to India soon after the official launch in San Francisco next week.

LG India’s Managing Director, Kim Ki-Wan spoke with Gadgets 360 on Tuesday during a LG factory visit in Ranjangaon near Pune and revealed the company’s plans for the V20 in India. “I just few days ago [sic] made the decision to launch V20 [in India].” He added that the company plans to bring the smartphone into the country in a month’s time.

The LG V20 is the successor to the LG V10, which featured an Always-On secondary display and a dual-rear camera setup with a wide-angle lens. LG V10 was launched in October last year but was never made available in India. Instead, the company’s first modular smartphone, the G5, along with its ‘Friends’ debuted in India in June this year.

With just a week to go to launch, the company has already teased several features of the LG V20, including a 32-bit Hi-Fi Quad DAC, and audio powered by B&O Play. Teasers have also indicated that the smartphone may feature a modular setup, if going by the ‘Play More’ tagline.

Recent leaks have contradicted the modular smartphone speculation however, and point to the presence of both a USB Type-C port and a 3.5mm headphone jack on the smartphone. Other leaked specifications and features include a dual-rear camera setup, just like the V10, as well as a QHD display with a display size of either 5.6 or 5.7-inches. It is rumoured to be powered either by a Snapdragon 820 or Snapdragon 821 SoC, coupled with 4GB of RAM.

We will have to wait for the official launch of the LG V20 to know the entire set of specifications. The event is scheduled to happen in San Francisco on September 6.


Mark Zuckerberg Meets the Pope; Gifts Him a Drone Model

Mark Zuckerberg Meets the Pope; Gifts Him a Drone Model

  • Zuckerberg gifts model of solar-powered drone Aquila to Pope Francis
  • Zuckerberg discusses Internet connectivity with Pope Francis
  • Facebook completed first successful test of Aquila last month

What would you possibly expect from a meeting between the Pope Francis and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg? The idea of a meeting between the modern tech innovator and the leader of the Catholic Church itself is intriguing enough to a point that you would love to know every word of their entire conversation. Zuckerberg didn’t fail to embrace the bizarreness of the situation where two opposite worlds met each other, offering a model of a drone to the Pope.

Mark Zuckerberg offered a miniature model of his solar-powered drone Aquila, which is supposed to beam Internet connectivity to places without it, to Pope Francis. In a post on his social networking website, he said, “We (Mark and wife Priscilla) told him (Pope Francis) how much we admire his message of mercy and tenderness, and how he’s found new ways to communicate with people of every faith around the world.”

The Facebook CEO further said that he and wife Priscilla talked with the Pope about Internet connectivity and its requirement in various parts of the world.

 Interestingly, Pope Francis already uses Twitter and Instagram in order to reach the younger audiences and profess his religious teachings to them. If more people get Internet connectivity, more people will be able to hear what the Pope has to say about various global issues and effectively serve his purpose as well.

Last month, Facebook announced that it completed its first successful test of its solar-powered drone Aquila, which has been developed to deliver Internet service to remote areas of the world.


Buying steroids online has multiple of benefits for the users

Professional athletes in different parts of the world have been successfully using steroids for many years. Athletes and other sports persons require steroids to enhance their stamina. Anybody now can purchase steroids online without any hassle. Responsible use of steroids has been always beneficial for the athletes, bodybuilders and other sports persons. In fact, scientific use of steroids helps the sports persons to perform at their peak levels. Thus, availability of these steroids online has solved many problems of the athletes or bodybuilders around the world, because they can have the possession of these steroids whenever they need.

Image result for Buying steroids online has multiple of benefits for the users

Buying steroids online

Most of the athletes, bodybuilders and people from other profession who want to use steroids prefer to buy these products from online retailers. Buying steroids online is easier, faster and more authentic. Buyers just need to inspect from reliable sources the reputation and reliability of the seller. Some very authentic sources of anabolic steroids for the athletes and others are the following ones –

  • Balkan Pharmaceuticals
  • Anabolics Online
  • Slitmedia
  • Kalpa Pharmaceuticals

These and many other online stores sale only those products which are legally acceptable in a country. Reputed sellers use strong distribution networks to deliver the purchased products to their customers promptly. Payment options of online sellers also remain very flexible and buyers can pay through their debit cards, credit cards, and PayPal accounts etc.

Fundamental aspects to check before buying online

It is true that buying online is easy and fast, and most of the people who have already bought anabolic steroids online have a pleasant experience in this matter; however, it is always feasible to be very cautious in this matter, since the online market is overflowing with multiple of retailers and wholesalers. Some fundamental aspects to check before choosing a seller includes the following –

  • It is to be looked upon how popular the seller is in the online market.
  • Whether the steroids, which the customer is looking for is available win correct composition or not.
  • A buyer should also compare the price of a product from different sellers.

If these parameters are checked thoroughly, then all possibilities of wrongful purchases could be minimized. Once habituated, buying these steroids through online sources will become more exciting and profitable for the buyers.

Features of the best online stores

Best online stores always sale legal steroids only. Moreover, these online sellers have the following mention worthy features –

  • In the best online steroid shops, buyers can have steroids like Testosterone, Anadrol, AnavarWinstrol, Dianabol, DecaDurabolin, and Sustanon etc.
  • In these shops steroids could be bought in oral and injectable forms.
  • These stores regularly announce attractive offers that enable the customers to buy their required steroids at lower prices.
  • Details regarding a steroid including composition, approved doses, tips to use them etc. are also depicted against each product for keeping the buyers informed about the benefits of the products.

Steroids are normally used in patterns called cycling, which involves multiple doses of steroids over a specific period of time, then stopping for a period, and starting once again. To keep the cycle intact, timely possession of these steroids is the primary necessity. Thus, the online buying mode has eased the administration of these steroids and managing the cycle.

Cabanas: An Ultimate Poolside Luxury

Long gone are the days when cabanas used to hut-like structures merely meant for storing poolside accessories and maintenance kits. They are much more than plain storage spaces today. People are setting up cabanas more and more to take a dive into the ultimate poolside luxury experience. They are almost like temporary rooms where a small number of guests, anywhere around 10-15 people, can come together for a quick bite, enjoyment and revelry. Cabanas are changing the face of poolside parties and we do not find anybody complaining. And why would anybody? They provide uber comfort, class and luxurious experience to chatter with the buddies and grab some drinks, making the party supremely comfortable and luxurious, all at the same time.

Image result for Cabanas: An Ultimate Poolside Luxury

If you look at the dictionary meaning of a cabana, you would probably come up with the likes of small structure, hut, canopy, stall and so on. Cabanas are usually made up of cloth or timber. The structure, in itself, might seem too banal and plain, but it is what goes inside that makes all the difference. You may find all sorts of things inside a cabana which make it a luxurious space to chill around with friends. Be it a refrigerator, daybed, sofa and table set, television or music player, there are equipment of all sorts, available to pep up your party mood and scene. You may also get these customized to add private closets where you can keep your changing clothes, costumes, towels and beach wear safely. You may get fan, heater or air conditioner installed as well to suit the current weather conditions in your area.


Interior Designs of Cabanas

Cabanas need not come with a fixed design and size. You can get it fully customized as per your needs and requirement. If you are organizing a poolside party, then you would want these pool side huts to be as comfortable and as luxurious as possible, all at the same time. Another important component of the cabanas is the privacy of the guests, which it must guard. Cabanas can be set up owing to the larger theme and class of the party. The interiors of the cabanas can be modified in a way to suit the greater mood of the party. Be it music, television, snacks or drinks, everything is provided to the guests in these cabanas.


Things to keep in mind while organizing a cabana

  • One must make sure that due to the limited space that is available inside the cabana, one must make sure that they utilize it as per the umpteen requirements of the guests. There should be a sufficient number of drawers and cupboards which can be utilized to keep the valuables and belongings safe inside the cabanas.
  • The original function of cabanas cannot be forgotten to suit just the luxury vein of the guests. There has to be room available to provide storage solutions for a grand pool party as well. Keeping a storage space at the backside of the cabana is a good option.
  • If the party is huge, then there is going to be a lot of waste material produced. You must understand that this waste material has to be managed carefully and prudently. It must be kept at the backside of the cabana, lest it make the party space an eye-sore.


Cabanas can transform the look of any poolside space and make it look luxurious in a jiffy. We, at Cedar Wood Structures Inc., provide custom-made cabanas to suit your architecture and needs in Toronto, Oakville and Ontario. To create a luxurious space of your own, contact us here.

Test estimation in software testing

Test estimation in software testing is a sensitive issue. On the one hand, stakeholders want/need to know how much time, effort and resources will be required to plan their software projects.

Many thought leaders in the software testing industry will eloquently argue that test estimation is 1) impossible, and 2) a bad idea.

Leaving that conversation aside for now, let’s focus on the stakeholder’s need to have some sense of scope to adequately plan their projects and what is possible to do to achieve that.

Image result for Test estimation in software testing

What is test estimation?

Test estimation is the process of gathering all the available data, weighing the key factors involved and predicting what the costs of testing a particular program will be. Costs are usually measured in terms of time, resources and/or money.

Major factors to consider in test estimation

  • The size abd complexity of the system being tested
  • The types of tests required
  • The frequency of releases made by the development team
  • Whether or not the program requirements have been finalized
  • The product’s key risks and their severity
  • The skill and experience of the testing team
  • The availability oftesting resources
  • The readiness and availability of the test environment

Common approaches to test estimation

Test estimation is widely considered to be part science, part art; therefore, it should come as no surprise to learn that there are a wide variety of approaches, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Here we will look at 3 of the most commonly used techniques.

Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

This approach involves breaking down the overall testing task into a hierarchy of individual components, which are then broken down further and further according to their functionalities. The beauty of this approach is that it focuses on the finer details, making it less likely that anything major will be missed, and in doing so fosters a sense of commitment and accountability within the testing team.

Three Point Estimation

Similar to the WBS technique, this approach involves breaking down larger tasks into smaller sub-sections, but unlike WBS the Three Point Estimation method is based on statistical data. Once tasks have been broken down, values are allocated to each one for three different scenarios; the most optimistic (A), the most likely (M) and the most pessimistic (B). The following formula is then used to calculate an estimate value;

Value of estimate (E) = (A + 4M + B)/6

The Delphi Technique

This approach requires the participation of multiple experts. Each expert prepares their own estimate before gathering with the group, discussing their findings and together coming up with a ‘best’ estimate. The benefit of this system is that it considers multiple points of view, thatcan not only lead to a more accurate estimate but also greater insight into the product under test.


Keep in mind that none of these methods are perfect and accurate test estimations are mostly unheard of in our industry.

These 3 methods are a good way to have a sense of scope, but independently of whether you conduct your software testing activities in-house, you outsource them or crowdsourcethem, there’s no such thing as too much testing Jœ

iPhone, iPad Had Higher Failure Rates Than Android Counterparts in Q2 2016

  • Image result for iPhone, iPad Has Higher Failure Rates Than Android Counterparts in Q2 2016iOS devices had a 58 percent failure rate in Q2
  • iPhone 6 had the highest failure rate of 29 percent
  • Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat among top apps to crash on iOS

When it comes to reliability and performance, Apple iPhones and iPads are failing more often than Android smartphones, a study has revealed.

According to the study global data security firm Blancco Technology Group, iOS devices had a 58 percent failure rate while Android smartphones reported an overall failure rate of 35 percent in the second quarter of 2016.

It is the first time that Apple’s devices have a lower performance rate compared to Android, Softpediareported.

iPhone 6 had the highest failure rate of 29 percent, followed by iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

For this, the study revealed the device failure rates by operating systems, manufacturers, models and regions.

 In the first quarter of 2016, Android smartphones had an overall failure rate of 44 percent.

“Samsung, Lenovo, and LeTV were among the manufacturers with the weakest performance and higher failure rates. Samsung scored 26 percent in failure rate, while Motorola just 11 percent,” the findings showed.

iOS devices failed more frequently in North America and Asia compared to Android and the quality of the devices being shipped may be one of the reasons.

The main problem iOS users faced was not being able to connect to a WiFi network, dropped connections, slow speeds and incorrect password prompts.

Android smartphone users struggled with camera issues, battery charging, touchscreen issues and app crashes.

According to the results, 50 percent of iOS applications crashed compared to 23 percent of Android apps.

Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat were among the top apps to crash on iOS devices.


Myntra Distances Itself From Ad Spoofing Draupadi

Myntra Distances Itself From Ad Spoofing Draupadi

  • Ad spoofing Draupadis disrobing not ours, says Mnytra
  • Myntra attacked on Twitter for ad
  • Ad maker confirms Myntra not involved

The advertisement was an absolute train wreck with #BoycottMyntra trending on Twitter all of Friday morning. The sound of jaws dropping everywhere could be heard virtually. And then hours after the ad went public, fashion site Myntra said “it wasn’t us.” In a statement to NDTV, Myntra said “This creative was done and posted by a third party (ScrollDroll) without our knowledge or approval. They have already pulled down the illustration and apologised publicly for the same. Myntra does not endorse it. We will be pursuing legal action against them for using our brand”

Turns out the ad which was created in February and then appeared again online on Thursday on Lord Krishna’s birthday, spoofing Draupadi’s disrobing in the Mahabharata, was the work of a digital marketing agency. The agency confirmed that Myntra was not to blame.

Scroll Droll, based in Delhi, does digital marketing and online art work, and published the creative without authorisation from Myntra.

Mytra was bought by Flipkart for $300 million in 2014.