Month: June 2016

Microsoft Hints at 'Surface Phone' Innovations; Will Discontinue Surface 3 This Year

Microsoft has been rumoured to be working on the Surface Phone for quite some time now, and it is expected to unveil it in early 2017. Now, the company's [...]

IODINE – A Comprehensive Guide

A chemical element which is considered to be one of the most crucial minerals required for the overall functioning of the human body is iodine. It is an [...]

Lose weight quickly, effectively and smartly 

We all want to look slim and we all want to get fit but the question is how to do it in an effective and quick way. Yes, exercise and good diet does contribute [...]

An Overview of AIPMT Medical Education and Training

With a developing populace and the overall requirement for curers and directors expected to run medicinal offices, the requirement for therapeutic experts [...]

How to listen to and Delete the whole lot you've Ever stated to Google

Google Here is a amusing truth: whenever you do a voice seek, Google facts it. And in case you're an Android consumer, each time you say "adequate Google," the [...]